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      Shenzhen Santong Connector Systems Co.Ltd . is a global player established in Longgang district, Shenzhen city in 2010. Nowadays our company is already one of the best manufacturers of optical and electrical connectors in China. We are proud of our great capability to develop substantively. Our professional distribution and after sales service personnel always attend to your business. We provide technical solution for your connector division quickly and reliably.

       We are able to identify customer needs from the beginning. Always meet customer requirements and increase customer value are our most focused corporate responsibilities. We believe that these main emphasis are guarantors for the healthy development of our company.

        We value cooperation with external research institutes. A number of science institutes and renowned universities have already established long-term strategic partnership with us. At the same time we have formed a highly qualified and motivated R & D team.  The professional members have achieved several national patent certificates and software copyrights. These benefits provide theoretical basis and protection against piracy. They are support of advanced technology research and verification.

        ISO9001 and GJB9001B quality system certifications are basis of our development and production. Combined with solid technical background and rich project experience, our products are widely used. Our clients are market leaders in railway transportation, construction machinery, marine machinery, medical equipment, power equipment, chemical equipment, infinite transmitter stations, automation control and robots. They are also key player in high-end manufacturing fields, such as oil exploration and intelligent equipment, recognition of our customers and partners give us more confidence.

       We will continue our business strategy of "taking the market as an opportunity, customer demand as the guide, and quality as the foundation". By intelligent management, dedicate to  technological innovation, we stride ahead with quality products. As emergent technology leader in short time we are already using professional technology to increase customer value.

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1、High cost performance

2、Fast delivery cycle

3、Product customization

4、Professional technical support and solutions


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ADD:6F,R&D building Dacheng industrial areas,357#,Jihua Road,Longgang District,shenzhen Guangdong,China

TEL:0755-28482266 / 0755-32914888



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